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Friday, September 28, 2012

Product Giveaway: Ultimate Relaxation!

SkIndulgence Relaxation Bath Tea and Body Scrub
YAY!  We're having our first giveaway!  To follow up on yesterday's blog post about the importance of relaxation, we are offering our Relaxation Set to one lucky winner!

About the Relaxation Set:
Relaxing in a hot bath is a must for relieving the stresses of daily life. Our bath packs combine bath tea and bath salts in one easy to use, single-use, large tea bag. Life is complicated, your bath shouldn't be!  This ultimate relaxation set includes one 4-ounce jar of Salty and Sweet Lavender Body Scrub, eight (8) single-use bath bags, 16 organic chamomile tea bags, and one vanilla-scented aromatherapuetic candle.  To use: begin by lighting a candle, putting on your favorite music and making a cup of tea (with two tea bags). Fill your bathtub to the desired temperature and toss in one of the Relaxation Bath Tea bags. While the tub is filling, rub your body with the Relaxation Salty and Sweet Body Scrub. Slowly immerse yourself into your herbal bathwater. Lay back and place one chamomile tea bag over each eyelid. Emerge from the water feeling thoroughly relaxed and at peace.

How to Win:
It's so easy; all you have to do is:
  1. Follow the SkIndulgence page on Facebook (if you already do, skip to #2),
  2. Write a FB status update telling your peeps about us,
  3. Leave a comment below letting us know you've done 1 & 2.  You'll want to leave your name in the comments so we can let you know you've won.
The winner will be selected through a random drawing and announced in one week, so don't forget to check back and see if you're the winner of these awesome products!


  1. Hey there - did both 1 and 2 and now I'm doing 3!! Best of success to you - :)
    Patti Willard

  2. I have completed steps 1, 2 and 3. Wish I had the guts to pull something like this off! ~ Jessica Harmon

  3. Done and Done!! I hope I win!! All the stuff I get from SkIndulgence is so Great!! Anne Engelhaupt

  4. Done, done and shared with my office! Can't wait to try some product!

  5. Done and done! Thanks for letting me know how I can still use the goodies if I don't have a bathtub :)

  6. I did it! You rock!

  7. I did both, I definitely need this!