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Monday, October 1, 2012

Facial Steams

SkIndulgence Facial Steam for Normal to Dry Skin
A few weeks ago I shared with you my daily skin care "regime".  The facial steam is something I throw into the mix every other week or so.  It only takes 10 minutes and is an oh-so-necessity for your skin!

A facial steam is the best possible way for deep pore cleansing, and each of the herbs used is rich in nutrients that nourish and tone the skin. The aromatic oils of the plants are released by the heat and are absorbed by the skin. And best of all, it feels so good!

To perform a facial steam, bring a quart of water to a boil in a pot. Toss in one of our facial steam tea bags, cover, and let simmer for a couple of minutes. Then remove the pot from the heat and place it on a heatproof surface at a level that will enable you to comfortably sit and place your face over the pot. Leaning over the pot, drape a large, thick towel over your head and the pot, capturing the steaming herb water. It will get very hot under the towel. To regulate the heat, raise or lower your head or lift a corner of the towel to let in a little cool air. Steam for 5 to 8 minutes.

Immediately after you complete your facial steam, rinse your face with cold water and gently pat with toner. Your face will feel smooth and will glow with radiance.

SkIndulgence offers two different facial steam combinations: one for normal to dry skin and one for normal to oily and acne prone skin.  The difference between the two combinations is that one is designed with herbs that are primarily soothing and moisturizing while the other contains more astringent properties.  Find these steams at the SkIndulgence store by clicking here.

Not sure what type of skin you have?  Leave a comment below telling us a bit about your skin and we'll help you out!

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  1. I tried this with my "tea bag" I got in my kit - I gotta say - I LOVED THIS! The way it smelled, the way my face felt, everything. Plus it gave me 8 minutes to sit and relax and meditate!! Thank you!