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Monday, October 8, 2012

First Aid Balm

Recently my friend Kenny was in a bad bike accident; he walked away with minor injuries but some pretty serious road rash across his face.  As soon as I heard the news, I put together an herbal remedy "get well soon" basket including SkIndulgence First Aid Balm.  A few days later Kenny called me up to say that the balm had worked wonders for his facial cuts: after using it, the swelling and redness had gone down considerably, the cuts were healing quickly, and the pain had greatly subsided.

This first aid balm is an all natural, thick, spreadable balm that can be applied to cuts, scrapes and bruises for quick healing with minimal scaring. It contains calming herbs so the healing effect is not just skin deep. The key ingredients that make this balm work so effectively include:
  • Candelelia wax that locks in moisture and keeps out dirt and impurities;
  • Calendula flowers to promote healing and protects against scarring;
  • Lavender & Chamomile flowers to soothe and calm the skin; and
  • Comfrey leaf to heal and provide pain relief.
This first aid balm is a must for every household, and for the next week you can save 20% on a 2-oz tin through the SkIndulgence store.


  1. I actually keep your first aid balm on my desk for my bazillion paper cuts I get every day. I now have my peers coming to me "to get fixed" when they get one! I think I'll be buying some more to give all of them at Christmas!

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