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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pamper Your Hands

11th Commandment: Pamper Thy Hands

Hands are generally prone to age at a much faster rate than the other parts of the body.  They are often the first to express signs of everyday wear and tear, in part because of the relentless exposure to soaps, detergents, cold, heat, wind and water.  In order to minimize the harsh effects of these elements it is crucial to keep replenishing the skin's surface with moisture and nutrients, both from inside and outside.

The recipe below is a quick and simple way to show your hands some love and care.  The recipe uses olive oil, which will promote nail strength and flexibility.  Mixed with vitamin E, the oil nourishes cuticles and nails.

1/4 cup olive oil
oil from 1 vitamin E capsule
Heat oil in saucepan and let cool until just warm enough to the touch.  Add vitamin E oil and rub into cuticles and nails, massaging any excess oil into hands.

Because we rely so heavily on the use of our palms, fingers and nails during the course of the day, an optimal time for a hand treatment is at night.  I recommend doing this just before sleep, then wearing 100% cotton gloves during the night.  When you wake up, you'll have the hands of a baby, I guarantee it!

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  1. I wonder - would this work on dry cracked heels and callusses too?