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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We Have New Products!

If you've checked out the shop recently you'll see that I've added some luxurious new products!  Photos will be up as soon as I can get my trusty photographer to shoot them (herbalist I am, photographer...not so much!).  Let's learn all about these fun new items, shall we?

One of my top-selling products has been the Bath Pack which combines oatmeal, bath tea and bath salts.  I've gone ahead and separated these into two products to offer some variety:
  • Bath Salts - these are now available in two varieties, Stimulating to relieve post-workout and sore muscles, and Relaxing to calm your senses.  Bath salts work by replenishing depleted minerals to restore your body and the essential oils within them work both aromatherapuetically and through the power of the herbs to either calm your senses or relieve sore muscles, depending on which salt you chose.
  • Bath Tea - these, also, are available in Stimulating and Relaxing, and we've added one more combination: Revitalizing. Like the Bath Packs, the Bath Tea comes packaged in easy-to-use large tea bags to toss in the bath.  We all know that drinking chamomile tea aids in sleep; the bath tea works in much the same way. By soaking in the essence of herbs and flowers, our bodies absorb the seemingly magical qualities of these herbs.  Use the Stimulating combination to relieve over-worked muscles, the Relaxing to do just that, and Revitalizing will calm nerves while simutaneously invigorate your senses.
To round out the bath time experience I also now offer cleansing and moisturizing products for your whole body:
  • Body Wash - I've created two herbal combinations of body wash: "Sweet Dreams" with an infusion of chamomile and lavender to relax you after a long day; and "Oh Hello Day" formulated with an infusion of peppermint and lemon peel to invigorate you for the day ahead.
  • Body Butter - This luxuriously thick moisturizer is also available in the Stimulating and Relaxing formulas and is designed to penetrate deep through the epidermis to nourish your skin's dermis layer.
To celebrate these new products, I will be offering 15% off all order for the next week with the coupon code NP15PER.  Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Wow - great new products - I'm gonna order some for me now!!!! Say buh-bye to the Colorado (lizard) skin! :)