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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

About Our Shipping Materials

Landfill Flooded with Consumer Waste

According to the Clean Air Council, about 31% of municipal solid waste generated in the US in 2008 was containers and packaging, or 76,760 thousand tons. In our ongoing commitment to Mother Nature and reducing consumer packaging, SkIndulgence makes every effort to cut down on excess packaging, both in our product packaging and our shipments.

While we understand the desire of many companies to package every shipment like a gift for the customer to open, we are unable to reconcile this fleeting moment with the thousands and thousands of tons of unnecessary waste produced from packaging every year.

In addition to our minimal packaging and refill policy, we make every effort to minimize waste with our shipments as well.  Every package sent to you from SkIndulgence is sent in reused boxes and with reused filling/padding*.  Rest assured that while this is reused, your package is still shipped with sufficient padding and protection to ensure your products arrive safe and sound to your door.

It might not look as fancy as other, more commercial brands, but it IS saving a tree or two for future generations!

*primarily from our suppliers' shipments to us.

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