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Monday, July 8, 2013

Calling Techie Friends!

 I am officially throwing in the towel on trying to resolve a techie problem myself, and sending a request for assistance out into the interwebs!

As you all know, I recently opened a direct-checkout shop on the site in an effort to move away from Etsy and allow people to purchase products directly. I do this by using PayPal "add to cart" buttons, which I love because buys can use either their PayPal accounts or just a credit/debit card without logging into any account, AND I can customize the button appearance and embed it directly into my website. I'm just having one teensy problem with this, and that is that I LOVE to offer discounts. To date I have been unable to find any way to generate discount codes for the PayPal "add to cart" function.

Solutions offered by PayPal have ranged from applying a stationary/permanent discount (um...isn't that just changing the price?) to 3rd-Party providers that seem no different than Etsy to me. So, long story short, I'm done trying to find the solution on my own (I'm better at making skin care products than techie-type things), and I'm asking the Friends of SkIndulgence if they know the answer.

If you can point me in the right direction of being able to generate discount codes (ie 20%-off when you enter the code XXX in the discount code redemption text box at checkout*), I will make sure the first code I generate is 100%-off just for you!

Thanks in advance, techie friend!

*If they have the box for it, why don't they have a way to make the code that goes IN the box?!?

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